Mural Design & Sculpture

Design Variations, Materials, Mockups & Costs

Design 1 - Floating SUNSET Celluloids

About the Mural - Warm sunset gradients and floating natural elements add a great warmth and sense of movement to the large and somewhat dreary North & West exteriors. This motif has an inherent lighthearted and decorative appeal and the individual elements of the design allow it to wrap continuously around the NW corner and integrate nicely into the West facade. The color approach taken on this design incorporates utilizing the current buildings background tan/grey color, by using lighter and darker shades to provide depth into the mural. The flexible configurations of elements on the West side of the building also allows for flexibility of signage for tenants as well as the addition of windows.

Sculpture Approach - Cut pieces of lightweight steel or aluminum composite, painted and mounted 2 to 6 inches off of the face of the wall and integrated into the overall design of the mural and building facade. These sculptural elements are a unique approach of activating the mural painting, creating additional depth to the already layered look. The integrated pieces would provide a nice rhythm and flow around the building and their cut-out negative spaces would add some nice shadowplay and movement during the day. With the addition of LED lights behind the pieces, the surfaces would come alive at night, adding a stunning glowing and floating luminosity to the building.

Lighting Approach - White or colored LED tape or rope lights placed behind the metal sculptures can be lit around interiors and perimeters of groupings. LED bar lights mounted above mural and extending off of roof could also be introduced to further activate the walls painted backgrounds and add more presence and uniform illumination to the building. The current parking lot flood lights can be easily routed above the wall as well, extended and directed out to illuminate that space. The entryways on the West side could also potentially be illuminated from above or with lights integrated into the surrounding metal frame.

Mural Costs

North & West Facade -  $26,000 - $32,000

The South & East sides of the building could easily have smaller painted and/or sculptural elements placed throughout those facades if desired.

Sculpture Costs

North & West Facade - $15,000 - $50,000

Cost variance based upon quantity and size of included sculptural elements, as well as backlit lighting options


Sculpture Concept & Inspiration - Creating Crystal clusters and growing organic shapes. Coupled with the Mural design these sculpture pairings add another layer of growth and reference to unique and fascinating forms found in nature.

This sculptural concept has been exemplified above using some of the different material approaches listed below

WireFrame Metal Crystal Formations, Welded metal rod, formed to create the perimeter outlines of crystal shapes and facets. Groupings can be combined to create variance and grow from geometric bases. These can be illuminated, painted, and combined easily with painted elements from the mural. See above Mockup for general Style/Look

Steel Tubes Hollow Metal tubes welded, sculpted and configured. These can get different colored surface treatments as well as be illuminated from exterior or interior emanating from holes or perforations See above Mockup for Style/Look

Ceramic - A foam positive can be produced using CNC 3D cutting, from the form a Plaster slip mold can be produced to make plaster clay. Crystal Nests then can be glazed in many colors or a single color. Material can be top lit and backlit as well. See above Mockup for general Style/Look

Metal Mesh The crystal formations will be bent into faceted 3D planes, the transparent metal mesh can be illuminated by spotlights as well as backlit to achieve a visual element of interest on the facade. This approach is exciting and could achieve a look that is somewhere visually between the look of the solid crystals the WireFrame mockups exemplified above.

Perforated Metal Similar to a metal mesh, the perforated metal is also semi transparent to allow light through and illustrate forms

Mural Cost

North & West Facade -  $38,000 - $44,000 (Includes painting of Dark Grey building background)

The South & East sides of the building could have some small painted and/or sculptural elements placed throughout those facades if desired.

Sculpture Cost

West Facade - $15,000 - $50,000

Cost variance based upon quantity, size, and materials of chosen sculptural elements cost based on specific material density and direction

Integration into North Facade Mural $5 - $15K based on specific material, sizing, and density